Prague Castle Cathedral

At Home In Prague

Prague is COVID dangerous now.

Prague belongs to most beautiful European city. Actually, the second half of October 2020, Covid situation is dramatically increasing in Czech Republic and the government considers introducing the lockdown.

Here is the updated COVID chart for the Czech Republic.

My visit to Prague

I visited Prague in August and it was the best Prague visit. (In fact, I am visiting Prague every year, since I live about 400 km away). Why it was my best visit, mainly because of Prices. At that time, there were maybe 20% of obvious crowd, so the service providers were extremely cheap.

1. Accommodation Prices

Due to the lack of tourists, every service provider fights for any Kron (or EURO) coming from tourists. The accommodation is extremely cheap. You can get the night for 50% or less of obvious price. I have spent a few nights in Sheraton hotel and paid for a double bed room about 120 € including a dinner on the roof terrasse. Luxury Sheraton was really excellent with all the services included in the room price, for example, wellness, second beer for free etc. Hotel Sheraton Prague

The second hotel we slept in was Don Giovanni. Modern and beautiful hotel with unbelievable promo price of 34€ per room with breakfast plus 9€ per car. Excellent price, excellent quality.

2. Food

I must admit, I never saw the food price in Prague so low. What was strange, that food was cheaper in tourist areas than in standard commercial places. We had lunch for 2 persons including beverages on Prague castle or nearby Charles Bridge for about 15€. Good beer cost less than 2€ for 0,5L, which is called here the “large beer”.

3. Sightseeings

The biggest surprise was sightseeings. Due to the lack of about 70% of tourists, they were all not crowded at all, but also FREE. In fact, there were charges, but City of Prague made a huge promotion. They gave tourists the coupons, which were changeable for the tickets. One night means 2 tickets, which was, in fact, the possibility to enter for free 2 sightseeings. Since I spent in Prague 4 nights, I got 8 coupons. Each coupon means one entry, while some tickets cost 10€ or more. I visited the ZOO, museums, towers, Prague castle, Cathedral…

Here are my photos from Prague

4. Photos

I know, that it might be difficult for tourists to come to Prague now, this is the reason, why I uploaded some of my photos to the gallery and now you can see them in my article. I do not want to compete with professional photographers and do not consider my photos as a piece of art. I made all my photos this time with my mobile phone Xiami Note 10, so I was able to use wide lens and telephoto lens, so all photos might not have professional quality. Mainly the perspective is visible on many of them.

At home in Prague

This was the name of the campaign attracting tourists to Prague. At home in Prague supports tourism by re-funding the tickets to Prague sightseeing. For each night in Prague, each tourist gets 2 coupons, which can be used to exchange for standard tickets, which can cost even 10€. I slept there for 4 nights and I visited all the famous towers and Prague interiors.

Prague Interiors

The municipal house was built at the beginning of the 20th century but technologically was very progressive.

And Exteriors

This is Old Town Square with the famous clock

Beautiful view from the towers