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My trip to Cuba

Year 2017.  I made a trip to Cuba, mainly because I love salsa so I wanted to see the salsa atmosphere in Cuba. We landed in Varadero, but we immediately took a taxi to Havana and spent there for about 5 days. Then we flew to Santiago de Cuba. And this was real Cuba life.

I will not write the details of my trip, there are more successful bloggers there. I want only to say, that a tourist is like walking money wallet and the use any occasion to profit. Imagine, when dinner costs about 20 dollars and this is the monthly income of the majority of Cuban people.

On the other side, people who have contact with tourists are rich. The have Armani T-shirts, iPhones and spend the time on expensive bars.

Here are few of my Cuba photos:

Do you want Cuba cigars?

There are 2 basic resources of Cuba cigars. You can buy them in any tourist shop or on the black market. It is nice to bring a few souvenirs to your friends, but if you are not the experts, the black market is probably not the best solution. In fact, you can leave the buying cigars to the last day, you can spend last “convertibles at the airport” and buy cigars there. Prices are similar to those in the official shops.

Cigars workshop

Classic cigar workshop and shop.

Cuba Cigar Smoker

Cuban cigar smoker

Another cigar smoker


What about Cuba’s RUM?

Before I came to Cuba, I only knew Havana Club – white Cuban Rum.

Cuban Rum - Hava Club

Different kinds of Havana Club Rum

In fact, the cheapest Havana Club costs about 3 KUK´s (3 dollars) per liter, while in my country it costs the cheapest one about 12 EUR-os. But locals do not drink local Havana Club, they drink some local rum, which costs about 1 KUK per liter. This is the price of a small Heineken beer in the shop for tourists.

Cayo Blanco – my nicest experience

I decided to undertake the recommended trip to Cayo Blanco. The trip was really organized professionally, new catamaran, and professional staff. Our guide was called Jesus and he was talking about 4 foreign languages and he was a great entertainer. Here are a few photos from our trip.

Great Catamaran leads us to Cayo Blanco

Catamaran to Cayo Blanco

Cayo BlancoCayo Blanco symbol

Beautiful Cayo Blanco Bech


I spent 2 weeks in Cuba visiting four tourist places Havana, Santago de Cuba, Trinidad and Varadero. I found the most traditional life in Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad, I regret Havana because of ruins of their historical center and Varadero is just a shop-window for tourists. I regret ordinary Cuban people, they are poor, they suffer from everything and they think it is normal. I think I will come there again, but maybe later when Castro regime will be changed.