How to start travel blog marketing

Travel blog as a marketing tool

I like reading about traveling and when I plan my next trip, I usually read travel blogs describing my destination, I think that travel blog marketing is a good way to support the destination and it can bring quite a reasonable additional income to travelers.

Please help me to start

I want to promote my traveling business and I think, that a travel blog would be an option. My disadvantage is, that I am not native. If you want to help me, please answer the following questions:

  1. Is my English readable? I am using Grammarly, but I am probably not able to express all my feelings and emotions. Is it a big problem? Will my blogs be read?
  2. I have noticed, that many bloggers are using syndications of texts from different blogs and articles, they use some royalty-free photos. Or is it better to use my own stories and photos? Is the impact the same?
  3. Which is the best blogging platform to get noticed? I wrote some articles for Blogger, but they were never visited. I have my own blogging platform –, but there are many old articles, which were written a long time ago by paid freelancers. I need some platform, which will have natural traffic.


I know, that the blogging business is quite difficult and it is the long run. I traveled to over 40 countries. Many of them do not exist anymore. My problem is, that I do not know all the details about my trips. I only have photos and I remember stories around almost every photo, but those stories have value for me. Will they have value for my readers too?