Results of Slovak COVID country-wide testing

Evaluation of 2 days testing

Participation in country-wide testing was very high. From an estimated 3,7 – 3,8 million relevant adults, the participation was 3 625 332 people. Why the total amount of eligible people is not exact? According to instructions, all people age 10 to 65. should take part in a wide range of exemptions like ill people, people already tested or people who overcame the infections.

Participation of more than 95%?

Though the testing was voluntary, there were announced the measures limiting movement of people who will not have negative testing. Employers had the right to refuse employees and they should take the day off since the quarantine is paid only for people, which were positive.

People with negative tests can freely move (Slovakia is still light lock-dows), use services, and visit shops, eat or have a coffee on external terraces, and even meet in a group of a maximum of 6 people. All sport and cultural events are restricted.

How many positive people were revealed

Though antigene tests are not very exact (the reveal about 4 infected people out of 10), about 1% of the tested population was positive. The total number is 38 359, which is 1,06% of all tested people. But the distribution of deceased people is not equal. The best districts had 0,27% of ill people, the worst districts had 3,2%. As seen on the map, the best regions are in the south, bad districts in the north.

One of the explanations is, that people from northern districts are migrating for work, usually abroad, but epidemiologists will probably find more reasons.

What is next?

It was originally planned to organize 2 rounds of testing to eliminate the error from the antigene test. But the public opinion is strongly against the second round. It was then decided to test only the districts, which have more than 0,7% of ill inhabitants.

So we must wait for the result of next weekend testing to see, how the ratio of illness will change in the northern districts.